Quran competition – Saturday 24 August 2019 (Application form attached in the description)

July 14, 2019

Application form:


Coventry Faith Foundation and Madeenah Institute Qur’an competition
Qur’an, hadith and tajweed competition open to both males and females of all ages with Ijaaza including big prizes for winners and a three course meal dinner and many more things.
Qur’an memorisation : Participants can chose from a wide range of options from reciting a single Juz to reciting the wholeQur’an reading: Participants will read from any surah of the Qur’an ad they will be tested on their tajwed

Adhan: Participants will call the adhan and will be tested on their pronunciation and voice.

Hadith: Participants can memorise Madeenah Institute Coventry hadith book, al-Arbaeen al-Nawaw? and any authentic book of hadith such as Riyadh al-Saaliheen, Sahih Muslims, Sahih Bukhari ext…

If you would like to enter more than one level then please fill out the form again for the other levels that you would like to join.